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Chat with PipeBot on Facebook Messenger

Pipe is now available on Facebook Messenger. It is a chatbot that keeps you up to date with fresh content and smart alerts.

Fresh Content & Smart Alerts

Just let Pipe know what you care and receive fresh content and notifications from sources you love in real-time.

Popular ways to use Pipe Bot

+ Get new videos from your favorite YouTube channels as they post
+ Get tweets from your favorite Twitter handles in real-time
+ Get new photos from your favorite Instagrammers
+ Get notified for top Bollywood news from your favorite sources
+ Get awesome fashion tips, news, and events from the magazines you love
+ Get top tech & gadget news from the sources you care
+ Get live score and updates for Cricket and Club Football matches
+ Get jobs & internship alerts tailored to your skills & experience
+ Get notified on upcoming events for your city
+ Looking for a place to stay? get notified when a new place comes to available in your city
+ 100s of more sources and notifications

Discover pipe notifications at and chat with Pipe on Facebook Messenger