PipeBot for Media

PipeBot helps studios, shows and bands to engage audience on messengers.

Simple Chatbot to engage your audience

Send your fans sneak peaks on messengers

PipeBot allows you to send teasers, trailers or any sneak peaks via messengers. Messengers are turning out to be a favorite channel to receive updates.   Your fans can follow you to receive communications from you right inside messengers.

Engage Audience inside Messengers

Engage audience often to shape your programs and content tailor to their needs. Run surveys and contests right inside messengers to make it easy for them to participate. You can also run engagement campaigns across traditional channels such as TV, Print or Social Media and let your audience know that they can participate from their favorite messengers. 

Make it easy

for your students and parents to engage

Intelligent Routing

You can have multiple agents to provide support to your customers. Your support agent can simply use Facebook messenger to chat with customers. PipeBot uses intelligent routing to send the incoming chat request to appropriate agent.

and Inline

Instantly communicate with your customers right inside messengers. Customers don't need to pickup the phone and dial your number. They can simply find you and chat with you on messengers using PipeBot. You can run inline engagement campaigns to engage your customers.

more traffic

More meaningful and timely engagements on messengers will drive more traffic to your business. PipeBot enables you to be there for your customers whenever they need you.

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