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Interview Hacks: 5 Soft Skills that you need to ACE the internship interviews

When looking for an internship, you might think that you have to exactly match the position requirements in order to get the job. Most hiring managers would tell you that is not the case–they mostly look for a good work ethic and cultural fit– not an exact fit to a list of skills. The skills get you to the table, but don’t close the deal. So skill must be a fit, but it’s not the determining factor. Good hiring managers, those that hire lots of interns and employees, will take this approach.

First, don’t think internship is a temporary job, or some kind of assignment that you need to complete for your academical needs. Internship plays an integral part in your career decision, it helps you to take right steps in the path ahead.

Develop the following soft skills to ace the internship interviews and get an awesome jump-start in your career.

1. Enthusiasm

Every hiring manager love to have students with full of enthusiasm in the team. Showcasing high energy and enthusiasm elevates your personality to whole new level.

2. Self Confidence

Demonstrate your self confidence by meticulously listening and constructively responding. If its a face to face interview, you can show it by the way of presenting yourself with appropriate attire, shaking hands and how you talk about your experience.

3. Excellent Communication Skills

This is one of the must haves for every hiring managers. Be it written or oral, excellent communication skills will take you places. Make sure you showcase your experience constructively with appropriate examples, you can also show the materials that you’ve created in the past. Never hurry to respond, make sure you listen quietly and provide a minor pause before starting your response.

4. Go Get it Type

Hiring managers look for candidates who have “go get it” skills, meaning you have the ability to understand the big picture and break it down into small tasks. Make sure you demonstrate the ability to plan things with appropriate milestones. Be prepared to explain how you prioritize the most important items first, delegate the tasks that others in the team can do and figure out a way to compose the independent delegated tasks to deliver and make the dates.

5. Work Ethics

This the last but the most important one you should have. Make sure you understand the job requirements, company’s mission and vision prior to the interview. And, wave your thoughts on how you would go about and do things that would meet company’s mission and vision. Describe how punctual and persistent you are and how you’d get job done efficiently every single time.


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