Pipe makes innovative products to enable small businesses to connect with millennials and succeed

Millennials expect their neighborhood businesses to deliver products and services on messengers or thru AI enabled devices. They expect to get customer support over a simple chat instead of calling a number.
Our platform empowers small business owners to connect with customers right inside their favorite messengers to improve customer relationship, deliver products/services and increase sales. 

Who we are?

Pipe is founded by two experienced IT professionals who have collectively got more than 30 years of experience in building large scale IT systems for some of the leading brands such as Ford, Limited Brands, Coca-Cola, Panasonic, etc. We have been in stealth mode for over 15 months to research and develop our platform
We have recently launched our platform earlier this year. We wanted to make really simple and cost efficient solutions to enable small businesses to connect with customers and increase sales.

How we can help you?

From the ground up,we wanted to make sure customer engagement and support simple, fun and relevant. We've made our platform to enable small businesses to provide simple user experience to their customers to connect with them.
We can help you dramatically improve customer support and engagement thru our platform and innovative solutions. We can help drive down your marketing cost as our platform lets you combine both marketing and customer support.

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