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Chatbot 101

Chatbots are emerging as one of the favorite tool for businesses to engage and connect with millennials and generation z consumers. Pipe is a chatbot that we’ve built to enable businesses to stay connected with their customers on all the leading messaging platforms.

What is Chatbot?

Traditionally, bot is nothing but a computer program that does some work over the internet. Similarly, Chatbot is a computer program that simulates conversation with real users over the internet. Chatbots are currently being supported by leading messengers such as Facebook, Skype, Kik, etc.

How does it work?

Chatbot works just like any other user that you normally chat with. Just like how you chat with your friend, you can chat with with a chatbot. For example, you can search PipeBot on Facebook messenger app and simply say “Hi”, it will respond back and explain itself about how it works and how you can make use of it. The following image shows how new business can be registered just by chatting with PipeBot in Facebook messenger

Why is it so important?

Chatbots are new apps, they are one of the emerging ways to connect with customers. Here are the reason why they are important and you need them for your business.

1. Millennials and generation Z love to chat with businesses

Millennials and generation z love messengers and messaging. They love to chat with friends. They’re pretty much on some form of chat conversation all the time. Big brands are trying to figure out ways to connect with them on messengers. And chatbot makes it easy to stay in touch with them and keep things relevant for the new age consumers who are largely digital natives.

2. Personal and Private engagement

Chatbot enables businesses to connect with customers privately. It creates personal one-to-one engagement channel. Businesses can use chatbots to engage customers to get their feedback, run contests to capture ideas to improve their products and services.

3. Lower investment and higher returns

Unlike smartphone apps or traditional web applications, chatbots don’t require lot of investment to start. They are simple to develop if you want your own chatbot. Businesses can also use pre-built chatbots like Pipe to satisfy their needs. Chatbot provides tremendous values if its deployed and positioned properly.

4. Simple and conversational

Chatbot makes user interaction simple and conversational. Users can simply chat with a chatbot just like how they would chat with friends. Imagine you can as a chatbot about a weather and it responds with the weather. Also, imagine if you ask a chatbot to update you with breaking news as it happens. PipeBot makes it easy for businesses to engage users inline right inside messengers.

5. Drive traffic to your business
More meaningful and timely engagements on messengers will drive more traffic to your business. Chatbot enables you to be there for your customers whenever they need you.