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4 ways PipeBot can help your business

PipeBot is a simple chatbot that helps businesses of sizes to connect with customers on messengers. It enables business owners to connect with customers to deliver products and services.

1. Push promotions and communications


With PipeBot, your customers can receive promotions and important communications right inside their favorite messengers. You don’t need to develop any smartphone app or web services, you can simply chat with PipeBot and send promotions to your customers. PipeBot allows users to follow their favorite businesses that are listed in PipeBot listings. Once users started following your business, you can simply send communications using pipe handle @PipeStream. Just simply message @PipeStream to PipeBot and send your communications to your followers. You can send simple text, images, video, stickers or emoticons. So that, you can make it fun, cool, trendy and most importantly personal to each of your customers.

2. Chat with customers


PipeBot allows you to chat with customers right inside messengers. You customers can simply send your business handle to PipeBot to initiate the chat. PipeBot makes it easy for your customers to simply chat with you to get things done. Chat is most preferred choice these days as most of the customers don’t like to pick up the phone and call businesses. PipeBot intelligently connects your customers chat request to available agent. Unlike other services, PipeBot doesn’t count the chats, it supports unlimited chats even in the free plan.

3. Engage and build everlasting bond with customers


Build everlasting bond with your customer thru personalized messages, surveys and engagement campaigns. Because, messengers make getting customers feedback extremely simple and easy. With PipeBot, you can simply create survey by sending @survey to PipeBot. Your target audience can simply participate right inside messenger by simply providing your survey handle to PipeBot.

4. Convert audience from your offline campaigns


Run in-store engagement campaigns and convert customers in messengers using PipeBot. You can run engagement campaigns like sweepstakes or contests on traditional channels such as TV, Radio, Local events or in-store signage and convert audience right inside messengers using PipeBot. You can simply create PipeBot handle for your sweepstake or contest using Pipe handle @sweepstake or @contest. PipeBot allows you create interactive form for your target audience to participate inside messengers.